603-5631 9395
e-Date 29 November - 1 December 2018
Venue MEP, Mindama, Yangon, Myanmar
Organiser MAMB Tarsus Event Group
E-mail juju@ambtarsus.com / darren@ambtarsus.com
Website www.greenpowermyanmar.org/


The global energy demand is set on a one-way street – upwards, with many countries now accelerating a shift to clean power, Myanmar’s solar and renewable energy industry is on a steady and progressive growth.

Power-packed and with more momentum, GREENPOWER Expo 2018 is returning to MEP Mindama, Yangon, 29 November - 1 December 2018. Recognised as the industry’s Biggest Exhibition for Solar and Renewable Energy since 2014, this Expo is your most comprehensive platform to showcase your business to the Myanmar market.

In the business of building up Myanmar’s Electrical and Power sector, GREENPOWER Expo 2018 aims to meet the increasing demand by introducing a greater variety of products and services that will help boost the industry through new and promising business partnerships and enterprises.

Roaring ahead as the fastest growing economy in Asia, the Asian Development Bank projects Myanmar’s gross domestic product growth at 7.7% in 2017 and 8% in 2018. Rising from its dark ages, the country’s domestic demand for energy is soaring to new heights. As the final nation among Asean countries to open up to the regional and international arena, Myanmar has invited a score of businesses from developed economies over the past few years. With the government implementing plans and policies for the Electrical and Power sector namely – Myanmar’s Energy Master Plan, National Electricity Master Plan and National Electrification Plan, the country is set to propel forward into a bright and sustainable future of renewable energy.

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